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New request for services  DEMO-MODE

To create new request for services you need to login or register on the portal. 

In the "Make request" section:
  • Select the location where party will take place
  • Check the types of services you need
  • Enter name for Service request
  • If you want, specify your budget
  • Click on "Send request"

All matching professionals in the area will receive a private message with details of your request. If they are interested, they will respond to your request with offers and ideas and you will receive email notifications. 

If no professionals were found in your city, check nearby cities.

If you run into any problems, or have questions, please contact our support at
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If you need professionals services and you don't have the time to look for them, then you can leave "Request for Services" here and the professionals will contact you with their offers.

All matching professionals will receive a message with your service request. Replies will be sent through portal internal messaging with email notifications to the email address your registered with.

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The better you describe what you need, the bigger is the chance of getting the right offers
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